Management Policy

Since we were founded in 1990, MP Productividad has offered our customers a variety of technical services: Turnkey industrial facilities, turnkey relocation and installation of machinery and facilities, assistance for manufacturers and engineering firms, industrial robotisation and automation, implementation of improvements (improvement studies on production processes and automation, 5S systems, lean manufacturing etc.), comprehensive maintenance of facilities and productive resources, outsourcing technical services and providers, maintenance engineering, assistance in technical downtime and projects.

Since 2003, MP Productividad has included within its comprehensive maintenance management services related to the management of replacement parts and ancillary product procurement, logistics management of the supply of the same and of warehouses (customer support in technical procurement, procurement support in technical downtime and projects, warehouse adaptation, computerisation of warehouses and replacement parts control through RP/CMMS, warehouse management, supply agreements for items and replacement parts at rate, comprehensive contracts for the management of procurement and warehousing of ancillary material and replacement parts (IPA). MP Productividad is now a pioneer in Spain in these kinds of comprehensive services associated with maintenance.

Our relationships with our customers are very long-lasting. This is due to a clear commitment to customer service based on tailoring each of our projects to the specific demands of the customer, using all our resources, at all levels of the company, with a view to meeting their needs.

Our main values are: Experience, complete customer focus, fast response, safety, competitiveness and flexibility, comprehensive service, capacity and continuous improvement and flexibility.


MP PRODUCTIVIDAD’s Management, represented by its Steering Committee, defines in this document the general outlines that should be the reference framework for all activities and all members of the company:

With respect to the Quality of our Products and Services:

  • Selling quality is better than selling price and secures the future.
  • We must always offer the best technical solution possible.
  • We must always comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

With respect to the Satisfaction of our Customers:

  • We must strengthen the service provided to the Customer that has chosen us, achieving their full satisfaction and loyalty.
  • We must ensure that the customer perceives they have chosen the best option.
  • We must strengthen the supervision of the services provided at our customers’ facilities.

With respect to the Management of our Human Resources:

  • We must have appropriately trained staff: taking care of the motivation of middle managers as leaders, promoting the training of the staff pool, instilling the importance of the image provided to the customer.
  • We must create a working environment that favours: teamwork, responsibility and commitment to the company. It should be a source of pride to be part of MP PRODUCTIVIDAD.

With respect to the Management of our Material Resources, Equipment and Facilities:

  • We must provide the appropriate resources and optimal conditions.
  • We understand that technology is advancement.

With respect to our Management System:

  • We must make our processes more and more effective, obtaining the exact information to prevent faults and failures, and continuously improve.
  • We must optimise our processes and our products and services, eliminating activities and characteristics without value, and strengthening those that are valuable or appreciated.
  • We must obtain ongoing benefits by satisfying our customers.

With respect to Environmental Management:

  • We must comply with applicable legislation and any environmental requirements that the company has signed up to through its different stakeholders.
  • We must prevent pollution throughout all the different activities we carry out and minimise the impact that these activities may have on the environment.
  • We must continuously improve to improve the organisation’s environmental performance.

The Health and Safety Policy is established based on the following principles:

  • Occupational health and safety is an additional part of the company’s activities and is developed through a Management System based on the OHSAS 18001 specification.
  • Preventing harm to health is the responsibility of all levels of the company.
  • Reducing accident rates and improving working conditions as a fundamental commitment.
  • Complying with applicable legal requirements on Health and Safety and other requirements to which the organisation has signed up.

This Management Policy constitutes our Work Philosophy and will serve as a reference for establishing specific continuous improvement objectives.

It is the responsibility of all the people who are part of MP PRODUCTIVIDAD to work in accordance with this Management Policy and, specifically, to follow the provisions of the Management System.


Carmen Quintero Calderón

January 2018